Workshops: Quadchopters, 3D Printer, Google Glass, Raspberry pi



No talk, all action! What better action than hands-on action?

During Stockholm Startup Weekend, we’ll be holding 4 workshops during meal breaks, to make the most of the time we’ve got.



Starting already on Friday at dinner, there will be a Quadcopter workshop with Joakim Svärdh. He’ll be bringing a few different Quadcopters and explaining the usage for each and every type. Such as acrobatic flights, sports and FPV (first person view). He’ll also be bringing a Quadcopter that he’s currently building and show how it is done! Check out some of his cool videos!

On Saturnday morning, there will be a 3D printing workshop. Axel Eriksson, our partner from 3DVerkstan will do a demo and print out the trophies for the weekend!


At the Google Glass workshop during lunch, you’ll be able to try out and play around with a pair. Ok. Glass.

Finally during dinner, there will be a chance to test raspberry pi, the mini computer.

Raspberry Piunnamed (2)