Toolbox Friday



In order to prepare yourself for Startup Weekend, here’s a few tools that you’ll be able to use. is a FREE tool to help entrepreneurs draft and get feedback on their business idea pitches. Pitches are in 1min format for Friday and 5 minute format for the Sunday presentation. Pitches can be posted in both text and video form. One minute pitches should be without slides.


MethodKit create decks of cards to help people to clarify, iterate and innovate around their projects. The decks could be described as flexible illustrated checklists, each card contain an aspect, an icon & a short description on the different things to keep in mind while eg. developing your startup or app. The cards will be used during the Startup Weekend to help the teams.
The team behind MethodKit has also redesigned the Business Model Canvas, with dynamic fields and flat design, as well as canvases specially tailored for App Dev and Startup. Check it out!
Babele is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs structure their business plan in an interactive way. Come and join the Stockholm Startup Weekend community on Babele here:

From business research, to design, dev and marketing, more resources are available here:

Good luck and get pitching!